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A guide to lockboxes, keys and how-tos.


This FAQ page is the right place to learn about the ARMLS keybox system. We recommend taking the free Supra Key & Lockbox online course. This course covers the technology and rules you need to know. Subscribers who take this course are less likely to break the rules.

How to get a lockbox Key

Visit the ARMLS Support Center or an Affiliate Keybox location in person.

Supra Lockbox & Key Course

How to Buy a Lockbox

Lockboxes can be purchased at the ARMLS Support Center or an Affiliate Keybox location in person. Supra BTLE iBoxes are the only lockboxes ARMLS supported. It’s also perfectly okay to buy used Supra BTLE iBoxes from other sellers outside the ARMLS service area. Even from out-of-state sellers. But, used lockboxes must be deprogrammed.

How to Get the CBS Code For Another Agent’s Lockbox

Have you ever tried to obtain a key from a box only to get the error code “Not Authorized?” When that happens, it means the listing agent who owns the box has turned on the CBS code as an extra security feature. Call the listing agent to obtain the CBS Code. Neither Supra nor ARMLS will be able to give you the CBS code to another agent’s box.



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