In short, Yes! Defective lockboxes are rare but it can happen. If you find yourself with a bunk box, it will be covered under warranty as long as it’s registered with SupraNet. Since December 2018, only 0.3% of all lockboxes were found to be faulty.

Should you find yourself with a faulty BTLE Bluetooth lockbox, give a call into support so we can troubleshoot and try to get things back to normal. If we find your lockbox is defective, we ask that you fill out the online Warranty Request Form.

All Fields on the Warranty Request Form Must be Completed

Some commonly overlooked fields include a signature, serial number, shackle code and the location of the lockbox. Missing any one of the items in the list can delay the replacement process.

The Warranty Request Form Must be Completed by the Lockbox Owner 

It’s common for other agents to run across a problem with a lockbox and contact ARMLS to report it as defective. While anyone can contact support for assistance with a difficult lockbox, only the registered owner can complete the Warranty Request Form.