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The most recent ARMLS blog posts about Flexmls, Monsoon, Supra and more.  New blog posts are published twice a week.



What is the Subscription Preview Mode?

The Subscription Preview Mode allows you to preview listings before they hit your client’s inbox. You’re able to vet...


A Monsoon Search Filter You Might Not Know About

There’s a cool Monsoon search filter you might not know about. It’s often underutilized and underestimated, but it can...


ARMLS Has Live Webinar Classes!

Did you know that ARMLS offers live webinar classes? Well now you do! These virtual classes allow you to...


Create Scheduled Reports in RapidStats!

RapidStats already provides you with in-house reporting and custom statistics. Now it gets even better with drip emails called...


Spend More Time with ARMLS

We recently shared some tips on how to make good use of time when your real estate business slows...


How to Copy a Previous Listing to Help With Your New Listing

Building a new listing from scratch can be time consuming and intimidating. But fret not, because there’s a way...


Choosing Best “Send To” Option for a Flexmls Subscription

Should you send a subscription to just your contacts or add yourself to the recipient list? Or maybe you’d...


How to Stay Productive While at Home

We’re all spending more time at home right now. While you may not be able to sit open houses...


Can My Client Search the MLS?

If you’re using the new Portal 2.0 the answer is…yes! Your clients will have the ability to perform a...


How to Market Your Listing Through ShowingTime

In ShowingTime you can easily market your listing by sending out a group email to all showing agents who...


How to Receive Supra Text Alerts for Your Lockboxes

Did you know that you can have text messages sent to your phone every time someone accesses your lockbox?...


Chop, Copy, Dismantle and Reassemble

We produce a lot of numbers, stats and research at ARMLS – and we do it all for you!...