Ever thought of switching from the XpressKEY to the eKEY, only to hear a horror story that changed your mind? If it’s happened to you, you’re not alone. But like Sasquatch, those stories are just myths. Here are the most common misconceptions we hear about the eKEY.

Myth #1: I’ll need cell service to open a lockbox 

Nope! You don’t need cell service to open a lockbox. All you need is Bluetooth from your cellphone. Once your eKEY updates itself (which it does automatically when the app is opened, or when you manually update the eKEY by tapping the Update Key button), the key is able to open boxes even in areas that don’t have cell coverage. And it stays that way for 24 hours.

Myth #2: It’s more expensive than the XpressKEY

Nope! The eKEY is actually less expensive than the XpressKEY. When leasing a brand-new key, each key has a $50 one-time activation fee. The XpressKEY is billed annually and cost $228 plus tax per year. The eKEY, on the other hand, is billed monthly at $17.24 per month. Switching to the eKEY saves you approximately $24 dollars a year!

Myth #3: If I lose or break my phone, then I won’t have a key 

Nope! If you lose or break your phone, we’ll give you a free loaner XpressKEY for up to two weeks while you replace your phone. Once you get your new phone, there is no charge for the code (which can be 30 digits or 10 digits, depending on your software) to authorize the eKEY app on your new device. However, because Supra allows you to have the eKEY app on only one device at a time, activating the app on a new phone will deactivate the eKEY app on your previous phone.