Have you ever heard the story about the eKEY that can’t open boxes if you’re out of cell range? How about the tale about needing to physically take your lockboxes to a support center to change its programming? If you’ve ever heard these, you’re not alone. But like Sasquatch, those stories are just myths. Here are the most common misconceptions we’ve heard about the eKEY.

Myth #1: I’ll need cell service or Wi-Fi to open a lockbox 
Nope! You don’t need cell service (4G/5G) or Wi-Fi to open a lockbox. All you need is a Bluetooth connection from your smart device. Cell Service or Wi-Fi is only required to update the key once every 24 hours. Once your eKEY updates itself (which it does automatically when the app is opened, or when you manually update the eKEY by tapping the Update Key button), the key is able to open boxes. This is true even in areas that have little to no cell coverage. It’s always a good rule of thumb to open your eKEY app and update it manually at home before leaving for your showing to ensure you never have an issue.

Myth #2: I can’t change my lockbox shackle code without going to a support center
Wrong again! The eKEY application allows you to fully program your BTLE lockbox as long as you are within Bluetooth range. Programming includes changing the shackle code, altering the timed access of the box and changing the CBS codes. Additionally, you can even add pertinent listing information to your box like address and MLS information, which will unlock detailed showing notifications directly to your eKEY app.

Myth #3: If I get a new phone, I’ll have to go to a support center 
Absolutely not! Once you redownload the Supra eKEY app on to the new smart device, you can simply request the 10-digit authorization code through your email. Visiting or calling support is no longer required! It’s important to note that the email you enter to request the authorization code must be the same email that we have on file when you initially set up the key.