This policy was edited on 5/20/2020: 90 was changed to 45 days. Prior to 6/4/2020, DOM resets only after 90 days. 

Days on Market (DOM) Explained
In the MLS, there are two Days on Market calculations.

  • Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) is the number of days the listing has been live in the MLS.
  • Agent Days on Market (ADOM) is the number of days the property has been listed with an individual agent.

Listings accrue CDOM and ADOM while in Active, UCB or CCBS status. Listings stop accruing CDOM and ADOM when in an Off-Market status, which includes: Closed, Temporarily Off Market (TOM), Cancelled, Expired or Coming Soon.

Coming Soon Status
When a listing starts off in a Coming Soon status, the CDOM and ADOM do not begin to accrue until the listing goes on the market as Active. You can learn more about Coming Soon here.

Resetting DOM
If a listing is in an Off-Market status (Closed, Temporarily Off Market (TOM), Cancelled or Expired) for more than 45 consecutive days, both ADOM and CDOM will reset.

Before re-listing the property, the previous listing must be in a Cancelled, Expired or Closed status. When re-listing a property, you must create a new listing (which will generate a different listing number). You can save time by copying your old listing.

If a listing is put in a Closed status, both the ADOM and CDOM will reset the next time it is re-listed, regardless of time frames.

Let’s say Joe Agent creates a brand-new listing with a list date of October 1. On October 1, both ADOM and CDOM begin at zero. On October 31 the listing is Cancelled and both calculations pause at 31.

  • If Joe Agent re-lists the property before 45 days have passed, the ADOM and CDOM would both begin with 31.
  • If a different agent re-lists the property instead of Joe Agent on October 31, the ADOM will reset but the CDOM would show 31.

Days on Market Calculations Policy was implemented on 9/7/2004 and modified on 5/20/2020 at the direction of the ARMLS Board of Directors.