Lockbox placement is a hotly debated topic, which we explored in Where Not to Place a Lockbox recently. To further the conversation, we’ve found a list of additional places you shouldn’t place a lockbox. These photos are inspired by actual events.

Lockbox in a mailbox

Oh the places your lockbox could go….


Lockbox hanging from a nail

This box could bolt at any time.


Lockbox attached to a hose

We “hose” you don’t do this.


Lock box hung really high

Ummmmmmm? Anyone have a ladder?


Lockbox on a trashcan

This one is just garbage.

Written by Chelsea O from ARMLS
Chelsea Oakland joined the ARMLS team in 2014. With her learning and development experience she knew she would have an impact on the company’s end goal to service its more than 40,000 subscribers.