Supra provides reports you can generate on their website to view lockbox or key activity. Let’s go through how you access this information.

Visit Supra’s website and select the option for SupraWEB for Agents in the top right.

The button to access SupraWEB on Supra's website

Login credentials are not automatically setup when leasing your eKEY. Click the Register button at the bottom of the page to create a User ID and Password. You will need your eKEY Serial Number, which displays at the top of your eKEY app to register. You can learn more about SupraWEB by reading our handy guide here.

Screen shot of login and new user registration page for SupraWEB

Once you are logged in, visit the Reports option. You can generate a Showing Report to view who has accessed your lockbox. You can also view activity for a specific lockbox or all lockboxes assigned to you.

Clicking Create Key Activity Report allows you to view which lockboxes you have accessed with your eKEY. You can view feedback information you left after accessing those properties.

Screen shot of SupraWEB Reports page

Each report can pull information from the past 180 days (6 months). ARMLS Support can be contacted to provide a report of an earlier timeframe if needed. You can also setup text alerts to be notified when a lockbox of yours has been accessed.