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High quality data is very important. From running comps to conducting fair transactions, clean data is vital. Our Data Integrity group is tasked with clearing over 20,000 potential data errors a year. They’re also here to help. To reach Data Integrity, call 480-921-7777 or email:


Rules & Regulations
This is the core rules document approved and adopted by the ARMLS® Board of Directors. It contains photo/media, status, lockbox access, definitions and other main rules.

Rules & Regulations (PDF)

Inappropriate Language
The policy addresses the use of language in the remarks and other fields for security, to reduce unwarranted legal liability and deter unfair competition among subscribers.

Inappropriate Language Policy (PDF)

Penalty Policy
This policy defines non-penalty violations, penalty violations, lockbox violations, fines and processes. Remember, the first penalty violation fine found against a subscriber each calendar year is waived.

Penalty Policy (PDF) | Violation Appeal Form


There are other policies that apply in certain circumstances. For example, the DOM policy states how we calculate Days on Market. The IDX policy applies to subscribers and vendors who have an IDX website. The Content Access Policy applies to anyone with a data license to ARMLS data while the Subscriber Agreement applies to all subscribers.


Below you’ll find nine questions regarding the Rules & Regulation and Inappropriate Language Policy. A perfect score will demonstrate your knowledge of the rules. After the quiz below, find out how well you know the photo rules.


How long does the Listing Agent have to upload a photo (for listings that require a photo)?

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You have 4 days to upload a photo to Residential and Residential Rental listings.

Which property class or classes require a photo?

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The Residential For Sale and Residential Rental property classes require a photo.

After a Residential For Sale listing closes, how many photos must remain?

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One photo must remain with a Residential For Sale listing after it closes.

A Lockbox must be removed from the property within ______________ days after the date that the Listing status is changed to closed.

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You have 2 days to remove a Lockbox from a property once the listing status is changed to closed.

Your lockbox key may be shared with:

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You lockbox key cannot be shared with anyone.

On Craigslist, may you post a listing from outside your office without permission of the Listing Subscriber?

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You cannot post a listing from another listing subscriber without permission.

When is open house information allowed in the Public Remarks field?

Correct! Wrong!

Open house information is never allowed in the public remarks.

True or False? Gate Codes can be in public, private or semi-private remarks.

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Gate Codes cannot be put in public, private or semi-private remarks.

Which statement about title companies is not allowed in Private Remarks:

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You cannot require the use of a specific title company, but you may suggest one.

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