The Supra eKEY has proven itself to be a paragon of lockbox opening technology. But with great technology comes equally great, albeit annoying, errors. As an eKEY user, you may have been privy to some of these minor annoyances from time to time. We’ve compiled a list of the top five eKEY errors reported by our subscribers and have tips on how to fix them without the need to contact support. However, if you do wish to contact support, you can always reach them by calling 480-921-7777, or through Live Chat.

Top Five eKEY Errors

  1. Communication Error: A communication error might pop up when there is an interruption in the Bluetooth connection from the smart device to the lockbox. Some steps to mitigate this error is to disconnect all other devices using Bluetooth (which can include smart watches, headphones, etc.) before opening your lockbox. A quick reset of your Bluetooth (turning it off and on) may also help. If none of these solutions work, restarting your device completely should do the trick.
  2. Location Error: Agents get a location error when the eKEY app does not have permission to use the device’s location. Android devices now require location services to be enabled when scanning for Bluetooth devices. A quick fix for this error is to change the app’s permissions within your smart device’s settings.
  3. Update Error/Code: The eKEY app requires a daily update in order to run smoothly. If the device was unable to update, there will be a red X over the Update option on the home screen of the key. You can generate your own emergency update code through the SupraWEB option on the eKEY or you can contact support.
  4. Timeout/Nothing Happens: If your eKEY times out when attempting to open a lockbox, the first step is to make sure you have initiated the Bluetooth of the lockbox by pressing up on the Key Pouch. If the light on the front is blinking periodically, then it’s ready to connect to your smart device. It’s important to note that the lockbox will only stay “on” for 30 seconds, so you may need to press it again if you haven’t connected within that time.
  5. Access Denied: Access to the lockbox can be denied for a few different reasons. The most common include putting in an incorrect PIN/Shackle Code or by attempting to access the lockbox outside of the time restrictions placed by the Listing Agent. If you can’t remember your PIN code, you can reach out to support for further troubleshooting.

It’s important to check out the eKEY App Compatible Devices and Software Requirements document to ensure the device you choose will work efficiently with the app.