Did you know that you can buy a used lockbox at a discounted price?

A new lockbox purchased from an ARMLS support center will run you approximately $100 plus tax, while a used one can be significantly less, depending on condition. Before you go running to your ARMLS Support Center, call ahead at 480-921-7777 to make sure we have some in stock and to check pricing. If we do, you can reserve one for up to an hour.

When purchasing used lockboxes from a source other than ARMLS, there are a few items to consider.

Only Buy Supra BTLE iBoxes

Supra BTLE iBoxes are the only lockboxes ARMLS currently supports and the only lockboxes covered under the warranty we have negotiated with Supra. That means we can replace your boxes for free if they become damaged (e.g. the shackle sticks, key pouch gets jammed, battery dies etc.).

More than 80% of ARMLS subscribers use some form of Supra key. These keys can only retrieve property keys from Supra BTLE iBoxes. No other type of Supra lockbox is compatible.

Make Sure Your Used Lockboxes are Deprogrammed

Did you know it’s also perfectly okay to buy used lockboxes from other sellers outside the ARMLS service area? Even from out-of-state sellers. Used lockboxes must be deprogrammed at the MLS/Association of Realtors where they originated. This wipes off the first organization’s programming so that we can add ARMLS programming before putting the boxes into ARMLS’ Supra inventory.

If the used boxes have not been deprogrammed, we won’t be able to add ARMLS programming for you and you won’t be able to use those boxes on ARMLS listings. At this point, you would need to mail the used lockboxes back to the original MLS/Association or to Supra headquarters for deprogramming. You would also be responsible for all shipping charges and any additional charges from Supra or the original MLS/Association.

Call Supra Before You Buy (877-699-6787)

Call Supra with a list of serial numbers from the boxes you’re planning to purchase. Ask them if those particular lockboxes can be added to ARMLS’ Supra inventory once you purchase them.

Why? Supra prohibits ARMLS from programming lockboxes that originate with certain MLSs/Associations. It has to do with which server the boxes are assigned to in the Supra system. Long story short, better safe than sorry. Give Supra a call and double check that, once deprogrammed, the used boxes can be added to the ARMLS Supra inventory.