How Syndication Works

Listing syndication, labeled Broker Distribution in Flexmls, is the act of sending listings to third party publishers, such and similar sites. ARMLS does not make the decision to syndicate (distribute) listings. In fact, your broker decides if listings are syndicated to third-party websites. If a broker has not opted-in to a particular publisher, ARMLS does not make their listing data available to that publisher.

When ARMLS enters into an agreement for a publisher to be added to the Broker Distribution options in Flexmls, we are simply facilitating the transfer of listing data as directed by each broker. As with any business decision, brokers must weigh the pros and cons of sending their listings to each destination.

Flexmls & ListHub

There are six syndication options in Flexmls. Brokers can decide to make the decision brokerage-wide or let agents decide on a site by site, listing per listing basis in Flexmls. In addition, ARMLS entered into an agreement with ListHub to distribute the listings of Brokers who have opted into the ListHub service.  Each Broker has the opportunity to open a ListHub account wherein they can opt-in and choose which websites (approx. 91 sites) display their listings. ListHub is all-or-nothing, meaning if a broker syndicates on a particular website, all listings go to that website in the brokerage.