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Need billing help? Our Support department can be reached at 480-921-7777.


Your ARMLS subscription is good for 365 days. Your due date depends on when you became a subscriber. For many subscribers, subscriptions expire in the summer and will need to be renewed before then. Check your ATLAS account for your specific due date. There are no pro-rations or refunds of your MLS Pro subscription.


MLS Pro is the name of our subscriber fees ($468).


$468 /yr

Your ARMLS subscription (Flexmls, Monsoon, etc).


Our MLS runs on the Flexmls platform by FBS Data Systems out of Fargo, ND. The system has desktop, mobile and mobile web versions.


Monsoon is our tax records system using data from The Information Market (TIM). Based in Tempe, TIM has been providing data since 2005.

Showing Service

Your subscription includes access to a showing system that makes scheduling showings easy for everyone.

New Home Search

NHS Pro and Ultimate New Homes are our new home search products. Both feature the latest information from builders.

Mobile apps

We will continue to offer multiple mobile options (Flexmls Pro, etc.).

RapidStats (starting July 1)

RapidStats is a  data-driven reporting and analytics tool that helps agents and brokers better understand their markets by providing customizable, real-time reports.

It will be available to all subscribers on 7/1/24 as part of your MLS Pro Subscription.

Cloud CMA (starting July 1)

Cloud CMA is a product that helps agents easily create amazing CMA reports, Buyer Tours, Property Reports, Flyers and more.

It will be available to all subscribers on 7/1/24 as part of your MLS Pro Subscription.

and more...

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How long is my subscription good for?

Subscriptions are good for 365 days. For most subscribers, subscriptions will have an expire date of July 1, 2024 and will need to be renewed before then. If you join as a new subscriber, your subscription date starts on the day you pay your subscriber fees. Check your expiration date here.

When does my subscription expire?

Your subscription is good for 365 days after your subscription begin date. For most subscribers, that is July 1, 2024. Check your expiration date here.

Where do I find my invoice?

We have moved to a subscription-based system, meaning we do not generate orders and therefore we cannot provide invoices. When you pay for your subscription, you will be sent a receipt and you may view your receipts in our ATLAS system at

Are there refunds of subscriber fees (MLS Pro)?

There are no refunds of subscriber fees.

Are there discounts / discount codes for subscriber fees?

There are no discounts being offered for MLS Pro fees. We understand that there have been many challenges faced by our subscribers during these uncharted times. As we have all year, we are committed to continuing to provide uninterrupted software, services, and support. We have remained open, supporting the essential work of our subscribers. We have noted your request on your account and appreciate having you as a subscriber. The discount code field on the payment screen is not for subscriber fees.

What is the pro-ration if I wait to renew?

Unlike in the past, there is no pro-ration of subscriber fees as subscribers now pay for a whole year at a time. If you renew after your subscription expires, the full amount ($468) will be due and you will have 365 days of access.

How much is the late fee if I don’t renew in time?

There is no late fee. If you wish to come back as a subscriber after July 1, your subscription will begin that day and you will be charged the regular price of $468 for MLS Pro with no additional fees.

My Office Admin did not receive a billing notice / there is nothing to pay for my admin?

For pricing and information on the admin policy, visit:


Where do I pay my subscriber fees?

How much are subscriber fees this year?

$468 in 2024.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept credit cards online.

Is there an auto-pay feature?

No, there is no auto-pay feature currently.

Is my credit card stored?

Your credit card is not stored by ARMLS.

When is the last day to pay?

For many subscribers, June 30 is the last day to renew your subscription before it expires. Check ATLAS for your specific expiration date.