Have you found an abandoned lockbox?  If so there’s a chance it could be a case of finders, keepers!

If you’ve come across an abandoned lockbox (the BTLE model only), the first step is to reach out to us by phone. We’ll look up the owner to see if the lockbox is truly abandoned.

If the Agent is Active

The case will be turned over to our Data Integrity department as the the lockbox owner has two calendar days to remove a lockbox after the transaction is complete (section 13.5). Data Integrity will notify the lockbox owner and grant 5 days to remove the lockbox from the property.

If the Lockbox is Truly Abandoned

If the rightful owner of the lockbox is no longer active and unresponsive to our contact attempts, then the agent who found the lockbox can claim ownership. In that instance, we will verbally give the shackle code so that the box may be removed. Once the lockbox is in your possession, bring it to any one of the Support Centers so that it can be re-programmed into your name.