Need an easy way to allow access to your listings only at certain times? Custom Supra lockbox access times are for you. Your eKEY provides you with control over when showings occur by using Timed Access on your Supra lockboxes. You need to know the 4-digit shackle code to modify Timed Access settings on any Supra lockbox. 

eKEY Instructions 

The eKEY gives you the ability to edit the Timed Access window or choose 24-hour access while in the field.

  1. From Android or iPhone, open the eKEY application.
  2. Tap Inventory and select the serial number for the lockbox you wish to edit.
  3. Tap Program Keybox.
  4. Under Access Hours, tap which day(s) of the week you would like to modify (Weekday, Saturday, or Sunday)
  5. Tap on the first listed time to choose a Start Time. Select Save.
  6. Tap on the last listed time to choose an End Time. Select Save.
  7. Tap Program at the bottom of the screen and enter your 4-digit shackle code.
  8. Activate Bluetooth on lockbox by pressing up/letting go of the keypouch.

Please note that programming BTLE lockboxes requires the eKEY to be within Bluetooth range. If you do not wish to program the lockbox with your eKEY, you can take it to any of our ARMLS Support Centers to be re-programmed by us.

Find more eKEY and Keybox resources at Supra’s Customer Support center.