Have you been wondering exactly what you can do with your Supra eKEY? Besides opening up the BTLE lockboxes, your eKEY has a slew of other functions that are unlocked at your fingertips directly through the app. We’ve gathered up our top five convenient eKEY functions that you didn’t know you needed!

5. Assign a Keybox to a Listing

So you’ve added your listing to the MLS and placed a lockbox on your property, but what’s next? Many agents make the mistake at stopping there, but missing this next step could cost both you and the showing agent important information regarding your listing. Assigning a keybox to your listing is crucial if you wish to obtain Showing Notifications (covered further down) or if you wish for your listing data to be displayed to the showing agent via Data at the Door. Assigning a keybox is easy and can be done in two different ways. You can either choose to assign when you open the shackle (there is an option when entering the shackle code) or you can tap on My Keyboxes, find your lockbox and enter the MLS number.

4. Require PIN Only Once per Day

The busy showing season is here and we’ve got a hot fix to get you into those listings faster. Requiring a PIN Code once a day allows agents to bypass entering their 4-digit PIN to access lockboxes all but once in a 24-hour period. Once you turn on this setting, you will only need to enter your PIN code at the first lockbox you open. To enable this feature, tap the More button at the bottom of your screen, then choose Settings and toggle the Require PIN Only Once per Day switch to On.

iPhone with eKEY settings screen

3. Require Biometrics

Requiring the use of biometrics adds an additional layer of security to your eKEY device when opening a lockbox. Once you enable this setting, you will be asked to scan your fingerprint in addition to entering your PIN code. To enable this feature, tap the More button at the bottom of your screen, then choose Settings and toggle the Require Biometrics switch to On. It’s important to note that in order to use this feature, you will have to have biometric data set up via your smartphone’s settings.

2. View and Edit Keybox Data

This feature is one of the most useful eKEY functions, and can be a huge time saver for any listing agent. The eKEY app allows agents to view and fully edit their BTLE lockboxes. This includes altering lockbox showing times, changing shackle codes and editing/adding CBS codes. To get started using this feature, tap on the My Keyboxes option from the eKEY home screen. From here, you can find the lockbox serial you wish to view or edit. It’s important to note that you must be within Bluetooth range of your lockbox to edit the aforementioned settings. Additionally, you can also add important details to the lockbox such as address, owner or MLS number, which contributes to a well organized inventory.

iPhone with program lockbox screen

1. Showing Notifications

The eKEY app allows the user to receive real-time showing notifications directly from their home screens. Notifications include detailed information regarding the listing including who entered the property and approximately how long the showing lasted. Each notification is labeled with a start time and an estimated end time, so the listing agent will never be caught off guard. As mentioned earlier, agents will need to Assign a Keybox to an MLS number before a notification can be sent. To view your notifications, tap on the yellow Showing Notifications bar from the home screen. Showing Notifications are enabled by default, but can be turned off at any time through the eKEY Settings.

Screenshot of Showing Notifications

For more information on the eKEY and lockboxes, take our Online Supra Key Course.