Did you lose a lockbox? If so, here are a few steps to take to recover lost lockboxes, as well as a few proactive steps for the future.

If You Lost a Lockbox

  • Conduct a Lockbox Activity Report. Although they don’t have a GPS, Supra provides reports you can generate on their website to view lockbox activity.
  • Call ARMLS Support. Someone might have found it and returned it to the Tempe office.
  • Do some good-old-fashioned detective work and retrace your steps from the previous listing it was attached to. From Flexmls, run an Agent Listing Activity Report by going to Menu, Statistics, then Inventory & Production Reports. This report lists all listings (active, sold and other statuses) for individual agents during the time period specified.

Proactive Steps

  • When you purchase a lockbox, enter information into Supra Web.
  • After you have registered your lockbox you can set up text alerts every time someone accesses your lockbox.