Thinking of branching your business out of the Valley? Or perhaps you’re looking to join ARMLS as a secondary MLS. Whichever way you plan to expand, co-oping your Supra key (getting one key to work with two different MLSs/associations) is a great idea.

Why is Co-Oping so Important? 

Every Supra lockbox is programmed with a region code that can only be opened by a key programmed by the same MLS or association. For example, a Supra lockbox programmed by ARMLS cannot be opened by a key issued in Flagstaff. This is where co-oping comes into play.

Every real estate agent has a primary association or MLS where they obtained their Supra key. If you’re looking to move into a different area and/or adopt a secondary MLS/association, you’ll need a Supra key that works in that area. You can pick either of these scenarios: lease a new key for that area and pay an additional annual or monthly fee (depending on key type) or co-op your existing key. So you see, co-oping your key is both convenient and a money saver!

Each association or MLS will have their own fees and procedures when co-oping a key, so it’s best to call them in advance to get the facts. Some MLSs in Arizona, although also using Supra, do not use the same boxes and/or do not allow key co-oping. ARMLS does not charge for co-oping a Supra key. It can be done at our support center in Tempe. In order to co-op, you need to know the serial number of your key, your PIN code and which board the key was programmed at originally. It is also beneficial to bring your key along with you so that it can be tested in person before utilizing it in the field.