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Aligned Showings is a modern, easy-to-use scheduling platform designed with features that matter to real estate agents across the industry. With its intuitive interface, agents can quickly and easily manage showings and view important information at their fingertips.

Aligned Showings is more than a tool for scheduling showings. With its collaboration tools and real time messaging, it is a showing service that puts communication first. All information about a showing is in one easy-to-find location, accessible from the web or mobile app.

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When will ShowingTime no longer be available as a subscriber benefit?

The specific date for the discontinuation of ShowingTime as a subscriber benefit is yet to be determined. We will keep you updated on this matter.

What is the reason for transitioning to Aligned Showings?

Aligned Showings, owned by ARMLS and other MLSs, offers a contemporary showing experience shaped by our valued subscribers. Additionally, the change in ownership of ShowingTime, acquired by a competing brokerage, poses a conflict of interest for us and our subscribers.

How do I make Aligned Showings my default option?

Starting from the launch date, 9/22/23, any new listings entered in Flexmls will automatically default to Aligned Showings. You can adjust this preference in the General Preferences section of the Flexmls menu.

On 9/26/23, what will happen to my current listings that are already scheduled with ShowingTime?

Nothing. Listings already scheduled with ShowingTime will remain as they are. To alter this, you can edit your listing using the new Showing Service field under Showing Instructions.

How do I access Aligned Showings?

There are multiple ways to access Aligned Showings.

Is there a dedicated app for Aligned Showings?

Yes, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Will I need a separate username and password to access Aligned Showings?

No, you can log in to Aligned Showings using your Flexmls ID and Password.

Does Aligned Showings offer driving directions?

Yes, Aligned Showings features Routes, allowing you to efficiently plan multiple showings while considering travel time. You can even add stops along the way to optimize your schedule and Routes will provide you the fastest driving time.

How do I submit feedback on Aligned Showings?

You can submit your feedback directly from the bottom of this page. We ask that all feedback be submitted in this manner to keep it organized.

Does my information from Flexmls automatically transfer to Aligned Showings?

Yes, your information from Flexmls will seamlessly integrate with Aligned Showings. However, please note that your agent photo will need to be uploaded.

Can I add co-listing agents or sellers to receive copies of showing requests?

Absolutely, Aligned Showings provides the flexibility to add co-listing agents, sellers, tenants or your entire team to your account or individual listings. Please note that team members must have MLS access.

Who can approve/deny showing requests?

You have complete control over this. You can designate individuals for approval/denial either through your settings or on a per-listing basis.

When trying to schedule a showing, I'm having trouble finding a property's address and MLS number in Aligned Showings.

Verify the showing instructions. Properties set up for ShowingTime appointments must continue to be scheduled through ShowingTime.

Can I have my listing set up in both Aligned Showings and ShowingTime?

No, a single property cannot accept showing appointments in both showing systems simultaneously. You, as the listing agent, need to select the preferred showing system in the listing details.

How do I schedule showings utilizing both ShowingTime and Aligned Showings?

This is not possible. A single property cannot allow showing appointments from both showing systems.

I need to create a showing tour of listings on both ShowingTime and Aligned Showings. How can I do this?

Both systems offer the capability to manually add additional stops, such as your office or a coffee shop. While this function works for mixing appointments between the systems, remember to adhere to the listing member’s preferences in the showing instructions.

Will Aligned Showings be integrated into Flexmls?

Yes, Aligned Showings will be fully integrated into Flexmls, similar to the current integration of ShowingTime.

Does Aligned Showings integrate with the Supra Lockbox system?

Presently, there is no integration with the Supra Lockbox system.

Does Aligned Showings send feedback requests once a showing has occured?

Yes, Aligned Showings will automatically send feedback requests once a showing has taken place. Then it will send a reminder 24 hours later if the request has not been completed. Aligned Showings has a default feedback form and also allows you to create your on in the settings.

Is there training on Aligned Showings?

Yes, you can access training resources on this page or see upcoming classes here.

Am I required to use the showing product selected by the listing agent?

Yes, you must adhere to the showing instructions set by the listing agent, which includes how appointments should be scheduled.

Where do I seek assistance if I have questions?

For any inquiries, feel free to contact ARMLS Support at 480-921-7777 or utilize the chat option available in Flexmls.