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Photo Quiz: Violation or No Violation?

Using your knowledge of the rules, can you spot the MLS violations in the questions below? You can review the Rules & Inappropriate Language Policy before you start. The MLS rules haven’t changed but you’ll want to ensure you know them as we have a new Penalty Policy. If...

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Tell On Yourself

Data, Data, Data; it’s a core value at ARMLS. Why? Because quality data is most important! In that spirit, there is a loophole to avoid penalties when you’ve made an error on your listing(s). Simply fix the error (this even works on many off-market listings) or tell on yourself...

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Blurred Signs – A Photo Blog

Subscribers often ask about “For Sale” signs uploaded to the MLS, signs can be in the MLS but cannot contain contact information. Contact information will soon be a $200 fine because it can allow a client to bypass their agent. See how to blur photos here. Rule (8.23) states,”A ‘for...

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YouTube and The MLS

Embedded YouTube videos are not allowed in the video field of the MLS for two reasons: 1. The embedded YouTube allows a user to contact the video uploader, in many cases this is the Listing Agent. Rule 8.23 says “Media may not be used to advertise or promote an agent, broker or a...

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