Embedded YouTube videos are not allowed in the video field of the MLS for two reasons: 1. The embedded YouTube allows a user to contact the video uploader, in many cases this is the Listing Agent.

Rule 8.23 states “Media and description fields of such Media cannot direct the user in any way to the identity, contact information, branding, or other
information about a real estate agent or broker or any other individual or entity with a connection to the business of real estate.”

1. There is a trick being spread that when embedding videos, the YouTube branding can be removed, this does not remove the backlink to YouTube or the uploader! We’ve demonstrated that in this animated GIF:


A YouTube video embedded in the MLS.

2. The backlink from the embedded YouTube player contains advertising and related videos to other real estate entities and/or things not related to the property in question. This is also outlined in Rule 8.23, see above.

The problem extends beyond YouTube – Photobucket and other free services will also include a link back to the uploader, the traffic back is part of keeping those services free.