Understanding the difference between Showing Instructions and Showing Notification Methods is critical for how you move forward with Adding a Listing or Requesting a Showing. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this rule to avoid potential fines.

Showing Instructions

The most important action within Showing Instructions is determining whether Permission Required to Show is set to Yes or No.

Permission Required to Show: YES indicates that approval must be sought and granted by the listing agent before a buyer’s agent can view or show the property. The next step is to identify how this permission is granted—whether through Private Remarks, a showing service such as Aligned Showings, or a specific communication method such as text, email or phone call. It could even involve a combination of these.

Regardless, the Listing Agent should provide clear instructions on obtaining permission, and a response is essential before entering the property.

Showings instructions Permission Required screenshot

Selecting Permission Required to Show: NO means that a buyer’s agent can show the property without obtaining prior permission.

permission required to show no screenshot

However, even if permission is not required, the Listing Agent may still require notification. They may opt to be informed via email, text or phone call if desired.

showing service notification method screenshot

Showing Notification Methods 

Listing Agents have three options for Showing Notification Methods when adding a listing:

  • Aligned Showings
  • No Showing Service Used
  • Non-MLS Showing Service- See Private Remarks

The chosen Showing Notification Method dictates how you proceed with notifying the listing agent of a showing.

Showing Notification Via Aligned Showings

showing service method aligned showings screenshot

Showing Notification Via No Showing Service Used

Showing Notification Via Non-MLS Showing Service-See Private Remarks

Special instructions may also be specified in Private Remarks, so be sure to follow those as well.

A final note, Showing Instructions must be followed even if the home is vacant and/or has a lockbox. Failure to comply with the Showing Instructions by a showing agent can lead to a violation under section 13.4 of the Rules and Regulations.