Flexmls provides access to every listing in the system since 2000, whether it sold or not. If you’re listing a property, there’s a good chance that it already exists in the system. You might be tempted to reuse some of the information in the listing. Before you copy anything, be sure you know the rules, specifically ARMLS rule 8.23. This outlines the policy on copying media from one listing to another. But what exactly does that mean?ARMLS Rule 8.23 outlined

Media is defined not only as photos, but also any remarks written as part of the listing (ex: “An estate worthy of global attention. Nestled in the coveted community of…”). Those are property of the original listing broker and using them without permission is an ARMLS violation. It could also be copyright infringement. The best practice is to take new photos and add new, unique remarks. Not only will this keep you out of trouble, but it will also ensure that your listing has the most accurate and current information possible.

If you choose to copy existing photos and/or remarks, you must get permission from the subscriber who owns them.

You can learn more about ARMLS rules by taking the Rules Course.

Photo of house with copyright stamp on it