Understanding the ARMLS rules can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve broken down the top five rules subscribers must know.

1. Data Integrity enforces the rules to ensure accuracy

Our Data Integrity department works at our headquarters in Tempe. Whenever the system flags a potential violation or someone reports an error, they’re the folks who investigate. They’re friendly and are always glad to help a subscriber understand the rules we have.

2.Some rules have penalties, and some don’t

Just because you had a violation doesn’t mean you’ll receive a fine. Some violations do not incur a penalty, and some do. Examples of violations that will incur a penalty is a violation that compromises our data, risks the safety of the seller or directs the buyer to contact the listing agent.

3.Don’t be afraid to tell on yourself

If you realize you violated an ARMLS rule, go ahead and contact the Data Integrity department. Anytime you tell on yourself you will not receive a violation/and or penalty.

4.First violation of the year has no penalty

Your first violation of the year, whether that be Jan 1st or Dec 31st, will not incur a penalty. Data Integrity will simply reach out to you to inform and educate you on that rule.

5.Rules Online Course

The Online Rules Course is designed to give you a breakdown and better understanding on the rules as a whole. By taking the class you will decrease the likelihood of receiving a violation/and or penalty.