2019 is here, which means it’s time for our annual list of the top 10 most common rules violations of 2018!

Last year, the Data Integrity department addressed a total of 15,717 violations, which is down from previous years.

You’ll notice that some of these violations incur a penalty, and some don’t. Watch the Online Rules Course to learn more about penalty vs. non penalty violations and how to avoid both. And don’t be afraid to tell on yourself! By reporting your own violations to ARMLS, you can save yourself a violation and/or penalty.

Rank Violation Type Totals
1 Self Reported Non-Penalty 5828
2 Assessor’s Number Incorrect Non-Penalty 1331
3 Sold Price Incorrect Penalty 1099
4 Address Incorrect Non-Penalty 1042
5 Contact Information on Media Penalty 877
6 Contact Info in a Public Field Penalty 700
7 Open House or Showing Information Penalty 564
8 No Exterior Photo of Front of Dwelling Penalty 404
9 Special Listing Conditions Non-Penalty 347
10 Closing Info Field is Incorrect Non-Penalty 315