When it comes to managing your listings, you need to be aware of some important deadlines. In order to stay in compliance and avoid any penalties, here are the listing deadlines you need to know.

 Entering a Listing- 2 Days

You have two calendar days to enter your listing into Flexmls. So if the date on the listing contract states that your client wants their home to be listed on October 1st, you have until the 3rd to get it active before you’re in violation.

 Adding Exterior Photos- 4 days

Once your listing is active, you have four calendar days to add the front exterior photo. The front exterior photo does NOT need to be set as the “primary” photo, but per ARMLS listing requirements you do need to have one front exterior photo posted to the listing.

 Changing the Listing Status- 3 Days

Once you’ve accepted an offer and all parties have signed, you have three calendar days to change the listing status.

 Changing the Listing Status to Closed- 2 Days

When the transaction is complete and recorded, you’ll have two calendar days to change the status to Closed.

 Removing the Lockbox- 2 Days

After everything is finalized, you’ll have two calendar days to remove your lockbox from the property.


How are you supposed to keep track of all this? A simple rule of thumb is to remember the two day rule. Anytime there is an MLS action required for your listing, make the change within two days. Do this and you’ll never run the risk of paying a penalty.

Visit our Rules and Regulations page to learn more.