“I set up a Flexmls subscription for my client but they aren’t getting any emails!”

Has that ever happened to you? It’s a frequent topic that our support center hears. Subscriptions are supposed to be an easy way to keep your clients updated on new properties matching their search criteria, so we know it can be frustrating when problems arise. Here are some possible causes of subscription emails not being received.

Subscription Schedule

When setting up a subscription, you have the option to choose a schedule for how often emails will be sent. You might have set it to only send once a week, or even once a month.

Email Recipient

It’s possible that you have Agent Only selected as your sending option. If you’ve only selected You (sender) as the recipient, that subscription will only be sent to you at the email address that is attached to your Flexmls account.

Preview Mode is Turned On

Make sure you didn’t chose Preview Mode for the subscription. This sends all of the subscriptions to your email address so you can vet and approve each listing for your client.

Client Did Not Opt-In

Your client might not have agreed to the subscription. The final step of the subscription email process must be completed by the client. A client must give their permission to start receiving emails by clicking the opt-in link in their email. To know if your client has opted in, you need to check their opt-in status.

No New Listings

There might not be any new listings matching their search criteria yet. A Flexmls subscription only sends out new or updated listings. If there isn’t anything new to report, no email will be sent. It’s a good idea to send a listing collection showcasing current listings to your client before starting the subscription.

If none of the above seem to be an issue, make sure you have the client’s best email address and that you’ve typed it in correctly. You could also ask the client to check their spam folder. To learn even more about Flexmls subscriptions, take our online course.