Here’s a scenario that most showing agents have experienced: your client contacts you about a listing they want to view in their subscription. When you pull the details for that property, you discover it’s now in a Pending status. You now have the embarrassing and disappointing task of explaining why the property isn’t available anymore and why the status wasn’t updated.

So the main question here is: How do I set up a subscription for my client that updates them on any status changes to the properties previously sent?

It’s actually quite simple.

Updating Status Changes

When you’re initially creating a new search for a client with the intention of making it a subscription, go to the Status section within the criteria side of your Quick Search or Map Search:

  1. Click on the Status box to open it up
  2. Scroll down the list to see all of the available options you can highlight, then select which statuses you would like your client to be updated on. To add more than one status, hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard (Command on Mac) while clicking on each status you would like to add to the search
  3. Finally, save the search and then create the subscription for your intended contact

GIF of selecting multiple listing statuses within a Quick Search.


Now that you’ve added any other available statuses of your choosing within your client’s subscription, they will begin to receive email updates of properties reflecting the choices you made.