Got a new listing? Then it’s time to let everyone know about it! There are three ways to add a listing in Flexmls. You’ll find the options in the Add/Change section of your Flexmls menu. Which one to choose depends on the history of the property and whether or not your broker has a policy about using the copy feature.

Screenshot of choices for adding listing in flexmls

Copy Listing

Copying a listing is a common practice since many properties have previous MLS history. Once you enter in the MLS number of the former listing, key pieces of information will import into your new listing. This is a great way to get started and can save time. Keep in mind that not every field will be available to copy and you are not allowed to copy photos without permission. You’ll also want to make sure that all copied information is still accurate.

Full Copy

Select Full Copy if you have listed the property before and are currently with the same office. You’ll have access to all fields from the old listing as well as the photos. Of course you should still make sure everything is current and accurate, especially if a lot of time has gone by.

Add Listing

The Add Listing option is basically starting from scratch. Once you enter in the full address of the property, you’ll have the option to import tax data from Monsoon. All other fields will need to be manually entered.

No matter which of the three options you choose, current tax data can always be imported from Monsoon by clicking Populate Tax Data at the bottom of the address section. This is a helpful time saver.

For a complete overview of the listing process, take our Adding a Listing online course or register for a live class.