Should you send a subscription to just your contacts or add yourself to the recipient list? Or maybe you’d like to only be notified when they open it. And what about Preview Mode? Choosing the best “send to” option for a Flexmls subscription depends on the situation.

Screenshot of Flexmls subscription send to settings

Flexmls provides four subscription options:

You (sender)

This means that the subscription will be sent to you at the email address that is attached to your Flexmls account. If you’re unsure of the address, check your Flexmls profile, located at the top right corner of the screen.

Selected contacts

The subscription will be sent to the email address of a Flexmls contact. You can choose more than one contact to receive the subscription and can even add yourself by selecting You (sender).

Send me an email when a contact clicks the link

You’ll receive an email when the subscription recipient clicks the View Listings link.

Enable Preview Mode

You will be able to review the listings and decide which to include before sending them to your contact. This is helpful if you want more control over what your client sees, but it can delay the process because of the extra step involved.

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