Each time you set up a subscription for a client, an important part of the process is choosing a schedule for how often Flexmls will collect and email them new search results.

Schedules: Weekly, Monthly vs. ASAP

What is the difference between the three available options?


With the Weekly schedule, you can select from one to seven days per week. For each day selected, Flexmls collects and emails any new search results up to two times–once very early in the morning and once again very late in the evening. If there are no new results at either of these times, an email won’t go out.


The Monthly schedule allows you to send search results once a month on whatever date you select. The date can be adjusted at any time.


If you select the ASAP schedule, Flexmls will immediately send your client an email whenever the system finds a new listing matching the selected search criteria. For every new search result, one new email will be sent. With an ASAP schedule, there’s no maximum daily number of emails your client might receive.

Which Schedule is Best? 

It all depends on the needs of the client. A Weekly subscription schedule allows a lot of control over how often emails are sent out, whereas an ASAP subscription ensures the most immediate results. Keep in mind that if the client’s search is broad, an ASAP subscription could yield dozens of emails per day. The Monthly option is ideal for clients who are not actively searching for a property but want to stay updated on the market.

Become a Subscription Specialist 

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