Problems with subscription emails sometimes mysteriously appear. The solution to these problems can be simple or complicated, depending on a few key factors that our support department is trained to troubleshoot. But you don’t have to wait for support. Here is the most common issue we run across when clients aren’t receiving subscription emails.

Opt-In Status

What is it?

After all the work to get your clients set up on automatic emails, there’s often one crucial step that’s overlooked. That’s because the final step of the subscription email process must be completed by the client. A client must give their permission to start receiving emails by clicking the opt-in link in their email. To know if your client has opted in, you need to check their opt-in status.

How do I check the opt-in status?

I’m glad you asked. If you have a client that is not receiving the automatic emails, head on over to Contact Management from the Flexmls Menu. Once in Contact Management, select the name of your client to bring up the Contact Details page. On this page, you’ll see (near the middle) a section labeled Status. If the contact’s status is showing Pending then you’ve solved the mystery! If the opt-in status is pending, the automatic emails will not be sent. At this time you can resend the opt-in request by clicking on Send opt-in request¬†under the Action column and let your client know to be looking out for this specific email.

Screenshot example of a Pending opt-in status for an email address in Contact Management

Once a client opts-in to receiving emails on their end, their status will change to Confirmed.

For more information on opt-in statues or for further troubleshooting on subscription issues, feel free to give support a call at 480-921-7777 or email