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Welcome, JumpStart Graduate! This page is dedicated toward those who have taken our JumpStart class and will serve as a guide for everything you learned and more! Make sure you bookmark this page for your reference!


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Most know us as the company that manages your data, but let’s dive deeper.

Difference between Subscribers & Members

Manage access to FlexMLS CE Courses
MLS Rules and Regulations Contact Information updates
MLS support and education Advocate Legislation
Data Integrity Networking

Know Who to Contact

This is just a taste! Click here to view the entire Who Do I Contact List.

CE Classes Association Local Associations List
ER/EA Forms AAR 1-800-383-9805
Flexmls ARMLS Live Chat / 480-921-7777
Monsoon Tax System ARMLS Live Chat / 480-921-7777
eSign AAR 1-800-383-9805
Ethics Complaints Association Local Associations List
Password Resets ARMLS Self-Service

ARMLS Support is always ready to answer your questions or point you in the right direction! Just give us a call at 480-921-7777.


We covered a lot during our Live Flexmls Demo, so here are your go-to resources to touch up on what was covered!

Start with an Online Course

Image of a map and a magnifying glass that says Searching and Mapping in Flexmls

Your guide to everything search related in Flexmls, including templates and mapping! This course covers everything the instructor went over in JumpStart and more!

Emails going into a portal with the name Subscriptions and Portals

Learn to communicate and send listings to your clients through Flexmls Subscriptions and the Portal.


We pride ourselves on creating the most up-to-date and informational training materials! Check out our ARMLS Blog and our Videos and Webinars page below!

The ARMLS Blog

The ARMLS Blog features over 400 MLS-related posts and is emailed twice a week. You will never receive advertisements and your email is never shared with others. Here are a few of our most recent topics!


Beyond Cities: Navigating Neighborhoods & Urban Villages in Flexmls

Places like Sunnyslope, Moon Valley, Verrado, Maryvale, Deer Valley, Arcadia and the Ahwatukee Foothills are not independent cities; they...


New Aligned Showings Notifications, Reports and More!

Aligned Showings has implemented several new features in response to your feedback and suggestions. Let’s explore how these additions...


New Features in Aligned Showings

Several new features have been released in Aligned Showings based off your feedback and suggestions. Let’s take a look...

Video Library

Make sure to check out our Videos page to find more videos, recordings and webinars like these!


Screenshot of the Pool features field in a Play button


Adding a Field in Flexmls Video Shot

Introducing Aligned Showings

Aligned Showings is a modern, easy-to-use scheduling platform designed with features that matter to real estate agents across the industry. With its intuitive interface, agents can quickly and easily manage showings and view important information at their fingertips.

An image of Aligned showings on laptop and mobile


Refresh your memory with all things related to the ARMLS Rules! You can view the Rules & Regulations PDF here!

Our Five Rule Hacks

  • Tell on yourself! You can self-report errors in your listings to avoid violations. The Report option is located within Flexmls but you can also email DI@ARMLS.com.

  • Know which rules have penalties and which don’t! Just because its a violation, doesn’t mean you will incur a fine. Brush up on the Penalty Policy to learn more!

  • Know you get a freebie every year! Your first violation of the year could be waved. Remember, this does not include Lockbox or Key violations.

  • Avoid costly mistakes by taking the Online Rules Course! Our Online Rules Course gives you a breakdown and better understanding of the rules as a whole.

  • Use the auto-populate button when adding a new listing! The Auto Populate button automatically fills in around 32 fields from the tax records to your listing. That’s 32 less mistakes you could make!

Five Easy-to-Make Mistakes

1. Not following Showing Instructions

Every listing contains detailed showing instructions at the bottom of the details page. Whether the house is vacant or occupied, the showing instructions will let you know who to contact, as well as how the showings will be set up.

2. Contact information in the media (Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc)

In the spirit of fair cooperation, contact information must not be visible in all media including pictures, videos, documents, virtual tours, etc. Contact information can be considered names, brokerages, phone numbers or personal logos. With the recent rule 8.23 update, all media must be free of watermarks (non-ARMLS), text, or people in the foreground. Learn more about the change or submit your photos for review here!

3. Having a For Sale sign in your photos with contact information

These signs typically contain brokerage information, or agent phone numbers. A good rule is to always make sure the sign is illegible with some sort of a blurred or censored effect.

4. Sharing your MLS Login credentials

Sharing MLS credentials is NEVER allowed under any circumstance. Whether it’s your grandma, husband, wife or assistant, they need their own log in. If you need information about getting assistant or admin credentials, you can give our support a call.

5. Not uploading a Front Exterior Photo within four days

Once a listing goes live, you have four calendar days to upload a front exterior photo of that property. This photo does NOT have to be the featured image but must be somewhere in the listing.

Important Deadlines You Should Know

An infographic of the Important Deadlines you should know

The image to the left is an infographic to help you remember all the Important Deadlines You Should Know! Click on it to save the full resolution image in a handy place so you never miss an important deadline with your listing!


Supra is the provider of Lockboxes & Keys in our MLS. Learn all about the BTLE Lockbox and the eKEY below.

BTLE Lockbox

  • BTLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. The batteries of BTLE Lockboxes can last anywhere from 6-10 years depending on usage.

  • Stores entry timestamps from Supra eKEYS and transports information directly to the Listing Agent’s SupraWEB account (if signed up).

  • Not required by the MLS. Listing Agents may obtain any lockbox they wish for their property. The Supra Lockbox ensures that no codes will ever need to be given out, as Showing Agents will always have their own personalized code.

  • You can also purchase from each other! Make sure that you both fill out a Lockbox Transfer Form in order for ARMLS to recognize the new user in our system.

Supra eKEY

Image of a smart phone with the eKEY application
  • Uses Bluetooth of smart device to open BTLE Lockboxes

  • Manage your Lockbox inventory directly from your key!

  • No need to take your Lockbox into a Support Center to change Shackle Codes, Program your Lockboxes while within Bluetooth range.

  • Utilize Data at the Door to view real time MLS data entered by the Listing Agent without switching between apps.

  • The eKEY is Apple Watch compatible!

  • The eKEY is a subscripton and the cost is deducted automatically the same time every month via a card on file. You can schedule a callback from one of our Support Reps below to set up your new eKEY.

eKEY Myth #1

“The eKEY doesn’t work without cell service!”

This is not true. The eKEY utilizes Bluetooth technology to open the box, which isn’t reliant upon cell service. The only time the key needs service is when it performs its daily updates. If you believe you’re going to be traveling in an area with low to no service, you can manually update the key before leaving the house.

eKEY Myth #2

“I’ll have to go to a support center every time I get a new phone.”

This is also false. The eKEY app allows the user to request their authorization each time through email or text, making re-downloading the app a breeze.


Monsoon is our Tax Software that ARMLS built in-house! We’ve got many resources to help you hone your tax skills right on this page.

Monsoon Online Course

Image of a desert Monsoon

Get started learning all there is to know about our powerful Tax searching software! This Online Course teaches everything you need, from searching the tax records, to performing CMA’s directly within Monsoon. Click the image above to get started.