Ever wonder how many Flexmls searches you can save? The answer is there is no limit! However, only 200 can be displayed at a time on the classic dashboard. You would need to click on Saved Searches in your Flexmls menu to view any additional.

Or maybe you’ve wondered what your character limit is for Private Remarks. That would be 400.

Flexmls has pre-set maximums for many of its features. Here’s a list of some others you might want to take note of:

Flexmls Maximums

Contacts in contact management Unlimited
Contacts displayed on dashboard 50 with the Default/Home Dashboard & 200 with the Classic Dashboard
Listings in a full or quick CMA 150
Comps that can be included in the PDF of a CMA 25
How many contacts a search can be attached to at a time 99 – You’ll need to save it with a different name for additional contacts
Listings the Flexmls portal can hold Unlimited
Public remarks character limits 800
Private & semi-private remarks character limits 400
Driving direction character limits 200
Maximum document size 10 MB
Maximum photo size 15 MB
Photos you can add to a listing Unlimited
Photo label character limits 40
Photo summary character limits 1000
Length of subscription name 40 characters
Length of marketing name 100 characters

Whether you’re searching, listing or creating a CMA, we have an online class that can help you 24/7!