Did you know there are three different CMAs you can generate in Flexmls? Each one offers something special to help you with your comparisons. For a guided walk through on how to create each CMA, watch our online CMA course

Full CMA

The Full CMA is the most comprehensive option. It’s typically used by sellers but could be useful for a buyer as well. A Full CMA determines the value of one particular property, usually called the subject property, by comparing it against similar properties.

Quick CMA

The Quick CMA is helpful when comparing a set of listings against each other without tying them to a subject property. This CMA provides a side-by-side comparison of price, features and other details helpful for a buyer.

Statistical CMA

The Statistical CMA is our most basic option. It removes all pictures and descriptions and provides you with the raw data. It’s used mostly for buyers and provides a table of information broken down by listing status or another field of your choice.