ARMLS provides subscribers with a wide array of products that make it easier to build a successful real estate business. Whether you’re searching for the perfect property for a buyer or want to find homeowners who might be in a position to sell, we have a product that can help.

You’re probably already familiar with Flexmls, but do you know how to use the mapping tools to enhance your search? If you’ve been using ShowingTime, are you taking advantage of the four different reports it offers? Are there some other ARMLS products that you’ve been wondering about, but have yet to try?

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Listing agents can create customized feedback forms to send to buyer's agents after a showing by going to the Feedback Surveys section of this product:

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ShowingTime has feedback forms and a lot of other useful features to help manage your listing.

Our RapidStats product provides users with:

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RapidStats is a multi-functional product that allows you to keep track of market trends as well as agent productivity.

Nosy Neighbor is a tool that provides details about a property such as listing history, mortgage information, tax history and a satellite view of the neighborhood. It's part of:

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The Flexmls map contains many useful tools, including Nosy Neighbor.

Data at the Door provides showing agents access to real-time listing information and updated showing instructions as they enter a property. It's part of this product:

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Data at the Door is a feature of the Supra eKEY.

You can perform tax, foreclosure and MLS searches with this product and generate mailing labels based on the results:

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Monsoon allows you to perform all three types of searches, and you can tailor a search to your needs by adding additional fields.

This product provides eight pre-set search templates and also allows you to create custom templates that can be saved for future use:

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Flexmls allows you to search by the eight different property class templates, or by creating your own.

Monsoon is our tax records system, providing you with access to:

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Monsoon provides tax, mortgage and deed history for all properties throughout Arizona, even for non-MLS transactions.

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