Did you know your Flexmls dashboard is customizable? You can change it by selecting from a list of preassembled options or by creating your own.

Preassembled Dashboards

The dashboard comes with a group of preassembled options in the drop down under the Menu button (the Home dashboard is the default). Selecting a different dashboard will change the gadgets and information you have access to on your dashboard.

screenshot of flexmls dashboard drop down

Build Your Own Dashboard

You also have the option to build your own dashboard. Click the Customize drop down on the opposite side.

From here you can add additional gadgets to your existing Home dashboard, change the layout and rename or remove the dashboard.

Under the Dashboards heading, you can add a whole new customized dashboard. Here, you’ll also find all the preassembled dashboards.

Once you create your new dashboard you’ll be brought to a page that contains all the gadget options you can choose from, separated by category. I suggest selecting the ALL option at the bottom of the list.

Once you select all the gadgets click return to dashboard on the top right. All your gadgets will display in one column. You’ll want to change the layout display to your preference.

If you want to make a different dashboard your default, select that dashboard from the drop down.

screenshot of flexmls dashboard drop down

Then under the customize drop down you’ll have the option to make it the default.