Do you go by a name other than what’s on your birth certificate? Are you a James at home but “Big Jim” with your clients? How about an Elizabeth who prefers to go by Liz? Or do you simply prefer your middle name to your first name? Tip: ADRE has a rule on using a nickname to advertise, so make sure you are in compliance.

As a Subscriber, you have the power to add a marketing name to your personal profile in Flexmls, which will appear on any Flexmls materials you print out for your clients. Your flyers, customizable business cards, CMAs or any other printable materials will feature your marketing name instead of your legal name. Using this option can help give you more control over your business and help avoid any name confusion.

Updating Your Name

From the Flexmls home screen, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right hand side and select My Profile. From there, click My Names.

My Names Screenshot


In the Marketing Name field, enter the name you’d like to be on all printed documents.

Screenshot of My Names section


Be sure to change the Default Public View Name from System Name to Marketing Name.

Screenshot of my names screen in flexmls