Aligned Showings has implemented several new features in response to your feedback and suggestions. Let’s explore how these additions can elevate your experience with Aligned Showings.

New Notification Settings for Teams

Sometimes you don’t need to receive a notification for every showing, so now you can choose which notifications are being sent to who. You can decide to send only approved and cancelled notifications to team members rather than all requests. This can be adjusted in My Listings for Individual Listings, or can be set for all new listings going forward in System Settings.

Screenshot example of notification preferences in My Listings

Unlimited Broadcast Messages

Previously, Broadcast Messages were limited to a one-time send. Now they can be sent an unlimited amount of times to all buyer-side agents who have approved showings.

Broadcast Message Notifications

Now, you can choose whether or not to receive Broadcast Messages from others within My Messages.

Screenshot of the Broadcast Message Notification toggle

Default Time & Date Restrictions

In System Settings, set specific time/date restrictions to automatically apply to new listings going forward, helping you reduce the time spent setting up new listings. This can also be set for individual listings in My Listings.

Screenshot example of Date/Time Restrictions in System Settings

Price Point Analysis Report

Many agents have asked for a report to filter and view the number of approved showings which have occurred within specific date ranges and ZIP codes. Within the Reports section, the Price Point Analysis Report does just that. This is only the first iteration of this report – additional enhancements are coming in the near future.

Screenshot example of the Price Point Analysis Report