Several new features have been released in Aligned Showings based off your feedback and suggestions. Let’s take a look at how these new features can enhance your experience with Aligned Showings.

New Feedback Features Available in Mobile

Additional feedback features released in February on desktop are now available within the Aligned Showings mobile app.

Email Calendar Options

Email notifications with a calendar attachment (.ICS) are automatically emailed to you for showings to appear on your personal calendar. However, we heard from subscribers that they need to be able to choose whether or not they receive a calendar attachment for their showings.  Now, in response to your feedback, you can manage these preferences for you and your team members on your listings.

Screenshot outlining the option to Include Calendar Invite within the Office Involvement section

While modifying a listing’s showing preferences, visit the Office Involvement section to include or exclude the email calendar attachment.

Maximum Feedback Questions Increased

When creating your own custom surveys with questions you’ve chosen, 10 questions can be included rather than the previous limit of seven to allow for additional customization.

Enhanced Email Reminders for Listing Agents

Email notifications reminding you of upcoming showings on your listings now include additional details for a better overview. Two new lines have been added for Approved appointments for the day and Total appointments on the listing.

Screenshot example of a Listing Agent's showing reminders from Aligned Showings