Adding a listing can be an extensive and strenuous process. Some important items are often passed over which can affect your listing. For an easier time, check out our guide below for items to double check when adding a listing.

Populate Tax Data

Type in the property address and simply click Populate Tax Data at the bottom of the Address tab. This will pull the most recent tax data from the Monsoon Tax System into your listing. Fields such as Subdivision, Taxes and Square Footage (Approx SQFT)  are automatically added for you.

Arrow pointing to populate tax data


You can choose to start a listing as either a Coming Soon Status or an Active Status. If you added a listing as Active, it cannot be changed back to Coming Soon. To start your listing as Coming Soon, select the Status as Coming Soon and verify you have an On-Market Date set in the future.

Drop down showing Active and Coming Soon Status

List Date

Agent Days on Market (ADOM) begins to accrue starting from the List Date you type in. Verify the List Date is accurate according to the listing contract before clicking Add Listing.

Information for List Date in Contract Information

Inappropriate Language, Rules and Regulations

You want to make sure you have a strong understanding of the rules when entering listings. Every detail about the property or sale has its own designated place. If you have questions, contact Data Integrity to confirm what falls in compliance.

Drop down menu of rules with a box around inappropriate language

The More the Merrier!

Adding all the property information that is available can increase the chance of your listing being found by a buyer. If you have the time, don’t skip out on those optional fields that aren’t required.

After your listing is added and an MLS number is assigned, don’t forget about important deadlines to update your listing throughout its lifetime.