The Plano is a report of a listing’s details, commonly referred to as the Listing Detail Report in Flexmls. The Plano can sometimes get confused with the Profile Sheet, also known as the Input Form. They contain similar information, but are separate documents.

The Plano is a report generated by Flexmls that cannot be completed manually. The Profile Sheet/Input Form is a form that must be filled out and includes a line for the owner(s) signature.

Information from the Profile Sheet/Input Form will help you enter the listing. Once in Flexmls, the Plano is created for you.

Take a look at our list of differences between the Plano and Profile Sheet.

Plano/Listing Detail Report Input Form/Profile Sheet
What is it? A report of how the listing displays in the default ARMLS listing detail format. A form of all fields added to a listing in ARMLS. Includes a designated line for the owner(s) signature.
How can I obtain this before my listing is live? Save your listing as an Incomplete Listing. Visit the Menu and select My Incompletes. You can click Print or Email to choose the Listing Detail Report. For a blank form, visit

For a completed form created from an incomplete listing, visit this blog on auto-populating the listing sheet.

How can I obtain this after my listing is live? Click Print while viewing your listing. Under the Detail section, verify that you have the Listing Detail Report selected. You can Print, Email or generate a PDF. Visit the Change Listing screen. Click Input Form at the top. From here, you can Print or Download the form.

If you ever have questions about forms or documents, be sure to reach out to your broker for guidance.