On 10/19/2021, searching for rentals will get easier! We’ve made some changes to the Flexmls rental fields to improve the searching experience and make things easier on the listing side. Two of the major changes are specifically for vacation rentals.

Improved Search Accuracy

Vacation Rental will now be labeled as Vacation Ready Rental and choosing yes (Y) will cause the Furnished field to populate automatically. This streamlines the listing and searching process and will greatly improve the accuracy of results.

Mockup of Flexmls rental fields

Rental Calendar Default

Another change that will make searching for vacation rentals much easier is the Rental Availability Calendar will now default to show all dates as unavailable until updated by the listing agent to reflect the actual availability of the property.

Mockup of Flexmls rental availability calendar

Other Changes

Here are some other improvements to look out for:

  • Help text has been added to the Forms Required field and other fields that needed clarification.
  • The Marketing End Date field has been more clearly labeled as Booking Availability End Date.
  • Several fields have been repositioned to make it easier for listing agents to input and change information.

We hope these changes improve your experience with rentals in Flexmls. Remember, the rental lease term must be for a minimum of 30 days!