Places like Sunnyslope, Moon Valley, Verrado, Maryvale, Deer Valley, Arcadia and the Ahwatukee Foothills are not independent cities; they are neighborhoods or urban villages. Understanding their significance and knowing how to locate them while searching for properties in Flexmls is crucial for finding the perfect home for your client.

arcadia shown in neighborhood overlay

Searching For Non-Cities in Flexmls

While accurately distinguishing between cities, towns, neighborhoods and urban villages may come with experience, utilizing certain features within Flexmls can streamline the search process. To begin, when searching in the fields on the left for City/Town Code, expand See All to see if what you are looking for appears on the city list.

City Town Code screenshot in Flexmls

However, it’s important to note that certain places, like Ahwatukee, may be on this list despite not being a city. In such cases, a direct search may yield no results. When this is the case, consider utilizing map overlays, located in the upper left corner. To visually see the boundary lines for cities/towns, the AZ Cities/Towns overlay can be helpful. Alternatively, if you are looking for a neighborhood or urban village, try using Neighborhoods Maponics¬†overlay.

Flexmls overlay Neighborhoods screenshots

Understating Phoenix’s Landscape

Both urban villages and neighborhoods are products of urban planning, embodying modern concepts that blend mixed-use zoning, housing density and access to public transit. Also, many of these areas in the Phoenix region also have historical importance. Take the Roosevelt neighborhood in Phoenix, for instance, which stands as one of the first to be considered a historical district due to its distinct architecture.

Can you think of more places in the Phoenix Metro area that are not cities?