Have you just added a listing to Flexmls and are gearing up for showings? Read this guide to ensure you never miss Aligned Showings alerts on your Android device.

Add Aligned Showings as a Contact

Save Aligned Showings in your phone contacts, and consider adding symbols or capitalization to the contact name to grab your attention.

screenshot Add AS and a contact in phone

Next, add a contact photo for some added flare!

contact with picture in phone screenshot

To take it a step further, add a specific ringtone. To do so, inside the contact, click the three dots and find Change ringtone/vibration and pick the tune that works best for you!

Selected notification sound on phone screenshot

Exclude Notifications from Do Not Disturb

Take it a step further by configuring Aligned Showings to bypass Do Not Disturb settings. Access your phone’s Settings, navigate to Notifications, and select Do Not Disturb. Under “Allowed during do not disturb,” go to Calls and messages, then add Aligned Showings to ensure notifications are not missed even when DND is enabled.

add a contact to be excluded from DND settings screenshot

Here is what it will look like when Do Not Disturb is bypassed for a contact. Note, calls and messages from this contact will be allowed while Do Not Disturb is turned on.

Allowed Contacts on DND screenshot

Ensure Text Notifications

In your Aligned Showings account, go to Settings, then External Notification Preferences. Under the section “Receive Text Messages,” be sure your mobile number is added and correct. Select the desired boxes: As a Showing Agent and/or As a Listing Agent.

    External Notification Preferences screenshot           

Still not getting text messages? You may have unsubscribed. To restart receiving Aligned Showings alerts again, text RESTART to 414-348-0207.

Restart Aligned Showings texting screenshot

Stay connected and informed effortlessly with these easy-to-follow steps.