Have you ever seen a sign in front of a property that looks like this?

historical site marker screenshot

This is a historical plaque, and you may see it on private properties, neighborhoods and other sites demarcating historical significance due to  an event, architectural style or person. Ownership of a historical home comes with great responsibility and can be a treasure!

Find them in Flexmls!

If you have clients wanting to find a historic home in Flexmls, in Quick Search go to Property Description and select Nat Reg Historic Hms. It is an and/or/not function, so be sure to select and.

nat reg historic hms screenshot


There are both benefits and disadvantages when a property is declared historical. Some of the benefits include formal recognition, registration in the National Register Archives, historic preservation encouragement, historical preservation incentives and possible reduction of property taxes.


Some of the disadvantages include the process being time-consuming, the gathering of copious amounts of paperwork and documents that need to be provided and the lengthy evaluation process. Furthermore, homeowners may be unable to complete modern-style renovations and there are restrictions on exterior changes.

To learn more about the National Registry of Historical Homes, visit the State Historic Preservation Office. To see homes already in the National Registry, check out some upcoming Historical Home Tours in 2023.