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Thank you for your interest in joining the ARMLS Preferred Photographer Program. This program is designed to assist you in expanding your business by connecting you with real estate agents seeking photography services. There are more than 40,000 real estate professionals in our market just waiting to connect. To get started, complete the training and quiz below.

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Preferred Photographer Program FAQ

What is the Preferred Photographer Program and why should I use it?

The Preferred Photographer Program is designed to assist you in expanding your business by connecting you with real estate agents seeking photography services through our marketing channels. Becoming an ARMLS Certified Photographer allows you to build relationships with potentially thousands of real estate agents statewide. Additionally, having direct access to upload photos can save everyone time in the process.

What is ARMLS?

Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS®) is one of the largest MLSs in the country. We serve more than 40,000 real estate professionals in Arizona. Our mission is to “provide the industry benchmark of quality data and service for our subscribers.”

Having access to great photographers will help us in our mission.

How do I get started? / What are the requirements?

To join the Preferred Photographer Program, complete the training, quiz, and application. Next, make sure to review the agreement between ARMLS and photographers because, upon completing the application, you will be contacted to sign the agreement. Please note that (1) you are required to have a service agreement with agents you serve and (2), if the agreement you have with an agent does not cover items in Section 4 of the ARMLS-photographer agreement, those terms will apply.

Is there training?

Yes, you must pass the training course with a 100% to be a Preferred Photographer. You can review the training and test more than once if needed.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to get started at this time. Starting in January 2025, there will be a $50 annual fee to maintain your certification and a $25 application fee for new applicants.

When I'm ready to take pictures or video, how do I gain entry to the property?

There are two options.

1) You can speak with the Listing Agent you are working with to assist with property entry.

2). You can visit a local association for a Supra Lockbox Affiliate Key. Having a lockbox key comes with additional responsibilities covered in section 13 of the ARMLS Rules and RegulationsPlease note if you have already signed up for the program, wait for your credentials before contacting an association to obtain a key. 

What can I access in Flexmls?

Your credentials will log you into the database we use called Flexmls. After an agent has added you as the Certified Photographer on one of their listings, you will receive an email and then gain access to that individual listing’s media section.

Can my assistant(s) have access to upload photos into the MLS for the listing agent?

Yes. Beginning February 2024, assistants can now have access to upload photos into the MLS on behalf of the photographer(s) they are working under.

How does my assistant gain access to the MLS to upload photos or other media?

Once you, as the photographer, have completed the process and become an ARMLS Certified Photographer, your assistant(s) will follow similar steps.

  • Take the online training and pass a quiz
  • Complete the online application, which they will be directed to upon passing the quiz
    • Be sure to select “Assistant” and enter the photographer/company you are working for on the application
  • Our contracts team will then be in touch to provide credentials to access the Flexmls system

*IMPORTANT – If this is your first time adding an assistant and you joined the ARMLS Preferred Photographer Program before 2/6/2024, you will need to sign an updated contract. Contact the ARMLS Contracts department at to arrange for signing an updated agreement.

What if I get an email about a listing from an agent?

Congratulations, the listing agent has selected you to be their Certified Photographer. If you were not expecting an email or have not talked to the listing agent named, reach out to that agent for details, and to sign your service agreement.


you are now that listing agent’s Certified Photographer. If you were not expecting an email or have not talked to the listing agent named, reach out to that agent for details.

How does the photographer/subscriber service agreement and the ARMLS/photographer agreement affect the copyrights of the subject media?

1. The copyright of the photos is determined by the terms set forth in your agreement with agents/brokers. ARMLS does not own your photos.

2. You, as a Certified Photographer may negotiate a service agreement with the subscriber to retain certain rights in the media. ARMLS is automatically granted a license, not ownership, to the media to use it through its business. This helps to protect the subscriber from future copyright claims from the medias use across platforms. If your agreement with an agent/broker does not cover items in Section 4 of the ARMLS agreement, those terms will apply.

3. Photographer Warranty. Certified Photographers warrant to ARMLS and are also required to “warrant in their Service Agreements, that (a) the Works do not and will not infringe or violate any patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of any third party, including any privacy rights; (b) Photographer has and will have all right, title, or license in and to the Works to provide such Works to Subscriber under the terms of the Service Agreement; (c) the Works are not and will not be defamatory, offensive, or obscene; (d) Photographer is the owner of the copyright of the any Works; (e) the Works will not contain any virus or other code, program, or sub-program that could damages or interferes with the operation of the MLS System. Photographer understands and agrees that Photographer will be responsible for the introduction of any of the foregoing items into the MLS Services, whether intentional or unintentional. Photographer further warrants that it shall comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations in performance of its respective obligations under this Agreement”.

I have more questions.

Please email your questions to

STEP 1: Watch the Training Video

This training will cover ARMLS media rules. It is important for you to be aware of specific media rules of ARMLS, including what is permissible and what is prohibited in media. Upon certification, you will gain access to upload photos on behalf of your agent clients. We encourage you to take notes as you progress through the video to ensure a solid grasp of these important guidelines.

button to watch training video

STEP 2: Take the Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the material in the training video. Once you pass, you will be automatically redirected to the application. This can take a little time, so please don’t refresh your browser. If you do not pass on your first try, don’t sweat it. Review the training and try again.


True or False: I can add my company's name to photos that I put in the MLS.

Correct! Wrong!

False. ARMLS Rule 8.23 rule prohibits contact information and branding (including phone numbers, email, individual names, websites, entity names or advertising of any kind) on media.

What photo is NOT allowed in the MLS?

an image with the text "Pickleball club" at the top
example of a property with a black watermark in the corner
an example of a floorplan
Correct! Wrong!

Text is only permitted on photos if it describes attributes of the property.

I am allowed to share my Flexmls login with ___________?

Correct! Wrong!

You are not permitted to share your MLS login with anyone, ever.

True or False: I can delete my photos after they have been uploaded or submitted to Flexmls.

Correct! Wrong!

You may not delete photos once they have been uploaded to the database.

What photo is allowed in the MLS?

an example image of what isn't allowed featuring watermarks that say not for rent
an image of a condiminium complex sign
An example of a photo with the text "virtually staged" visible
Correct! Wrong!

Only ARMLS approved watermarks are allowed to be used on photos.

Which For Sale sign is acceptable to have in media in Flexmls?

For sale sign
Partically blurred for sale sign
Completely blurred for sale sign
Correct! Wrong!

Media may include a “For Sale” sign and riders as long as the sign and any rider is completely obscured and do not contain any other item prohibited within this Section 8.23.

True or False: Virtual staging is allowed on photos in the MLS.

Correct! Wrong!

Virtual staging is allowed. If you choose to denote with a watermark on any media that it is virtually staged, you must use an ARMLS-approved watermark. This includes copyright or other company’s watermarks as well.

What is not allowed in photos on the MLS?

Correct! Wrong!

ARMLS Rule 8.23 rule prohibits contact information and branding (including phone numbers, email, individual names, websites, entity names or advertising of any kind) on media. Also, media may not include people unless they are in the background of such Media.

Preferred Photographer Quiz
Quiz Complete - You must get 100% to pass.
Review the training and try again.
Quiz Complete!

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