This post is part of our series focusing on subscriber feedback from our Fall 2020 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We welcome comments and questions any time.

“Why do you keep making changes without asking us?”

“We never get advance notice of changes.”

While reviewing the results of our latest survey, we came across several comments like these. So let’s talk about it!

Flexmls and other products provided by ARMLS require periodic updating to keep up with industry needs. These changes are made after careful consideration, with the goal of improving the user experience.

Regardless of what the change is or the reason behind it, we always think about the effect it will have on our subscribers. ARMLS openly communicates changes via emails, blog posts and/or announcements on our website. A great example of this was during the months leading up to the Full Search sunset. In addition to sending many emails explaining the transition and offering support, we created an entire webpage devoted to the topic.

Some product changes are decided upon by the individual vendor, but at times ARMLS makes a request based on the needs of our subscribers. These are often based on suggestions you submit or the recommendations of our Agent Advisory Group that meets quarterly to discuss possible system improvements. Matt Consalvo, our CEO, also meets monthly with brokers to hear and discuss real estate issues and topics.

Our ARMLS Roadmap is a great way to get an advance look at what’s to come in months ahead. Also, be sure to keep your contact information current with your association so you never miss an important announcement!