This post is part of our series focusing on the feedback we received from our Spring 2019 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We value the opinions of our subscribers and welcome comments and questions any time. Read other posts in this series here.

A comment from our survey asked: “Why does ARMLS change things all the time?”

Change isn’t always easy, but it can be a good thing. When reviewing survey comments, half of our subscribers appreciated products updates and requested even more, while the other half didn’t like changes at all.

Many of the comments we received were about changes to the Flexmls, Supra and ShowingTime products. We work with our partners in order for them to stay current with rapid advances in technology and marketplace needs. They make updates to improve user experience. Can you imagine if they stayed the same year after year?

The same is true for changes to our own products and procedures. We make changes only after careful consideration and never without a good reason.

Regardless of which side you’re on, we always strive to make the process go smoothly for our subscribers when changes are made. We send out emails, write blog posts to provide support and update our online classes so that they reflect the changes. Our support staff is also available to help with any questions you have.