We know this is a big change and that’s why we are here to get you prepared.


With the Full Search being sunset on November 18, we don’t want you to worry because the Quick Search can do everything the Full Search does and more. And we are here to get you ready.

There are also many other resources available to help learn more about the Quick Search, from Online Learning, to Live Webinars to On-Demand videos.


These are the challenges we’ve received from agents on things they didn’t know you could do in a Quick Search.

How do I search for guest quarters or other fields not in Flexmls?

How do you search a single property using the quick search in Flexmls?

How do you make a complex tailored search for a client using quick search?

How do I search for my own and other agent’s statistics and productivity? 

How do I  search  for office statistics with different criteria points?

How do I do a search for land using the quick search in Flexmls? 

How do I search for fields not in the quick search template?

How do I  search for an agent that does business in a certain area?

How do I  search for multiple property types in the quick search?


Why was the decision made to remove full search?
After reviewing the data, only 2,704 subscribers out of 40,000 are using Full Search more than once a month. Talking to our Agent Advisory Group, other agents and weighing the pros/cons of this change – a decision was made to remove the Full Search to focus efforts on enhancing the rest of the system.

Why wasn’t I asked?
In short, we asked many of your peers. We hold focus groups, task forces, and receive suggestions directly from subscribers who give us feedback on changes. Many changes start from subscriber suggestions (example: co-listing agents being able to edit listings). We talked to many subscribers about Full Search before reaching our decision. In addition, the data shows that only 2,407 out of 40,000 use Full Search more than once a month.

I didn’t know this was happening. How can you just turn it off and not tell me?
If you have used Full Search at least once a month, we have sent a total of 12 emails on the topic starting in January to now. A warning was also placed directly in Flexmls on 6/23 on the Full Search screen. Additionally, information was spread via webinars, Facebook ads and office meetings.

What will happen to my saved Full Searches?
Any existing Full Searches will remain. The next time you access them they will be in Quick Search format.

Will Subscriptions and Portals connected to Full Searches still work?
Yes, since the searches will remain intact the subscriptions and portals will still work.