Do you get tired of typing the same message repeatedly when setting up your clients with subscription emails? What if you could create a template to use for all your subscriptions? Well, good news, you can! Setting up a subscription email template can be an overlooked step when establishing a subscription for your clients, even though it will save you a lot of time.

Let’s go over some guidelines for creating a template for a subscription email.


  • Keep the verbiage generic – Clients will receive this email multiple times.
  • Keep your message short – The goal is getting them to look at the properties.
  • Don’t specify names – Putting a name in the template is risky. You don’t want your client to get an email with the wrong name.

Accessing a Subscription Template

To create a subscription template, first go to a Contact inside Contact Management. Next, go to the Searches/Subscriptions tab, then click the Add Subscription link. A new window will pop up. In the E-mail Content section, you can Save as New, Update, Rename, Mark as Default or Delete.

Creating a Subscription Template

Start by entering a subject. Then, you can adjust the body of the email. Click Save as New. You will then be asked to name this template. Enter the desired template name and save.

Moving forward, you will have this template available to you whenever you enable a subscription. At any time, you can edit this saved subscription template by selecting it from the drop down and making changes.

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